Sunday, January 25, 2009

I forgot... mention my sitar! It's beautiful. And very difficult. I keep playing it like I would hold/play a guitar or horizontal violin. And that's very not right. The teacher speaks no English except to say, "No, that's wrong," or, "very good." Needless to say, there are more of the first. But I've only had one class, so hopefully I will learn.

Also, I'm planning on taking kathak dance, although I've missed both classes so because it overlapped with sitar and the other because I was sick (yes, India finally caught up with me...I was doing so well too!). It involves a lot of stamping and percussive sounds with your feet, and you get to wear really pretty outfits. I'm excited. And I have to get my friends to catch me up to speed.

There's also a meditation class I'm thinking about taking. The only thing is, it's back to back with one of my other classes, and it's not that appealing considering 3/4 of my group is taking it, I can meditate on my own (but will I?), and while we're also reading a sacred text, I've already read a lot of them, so I don't really feel the need to. Oh well, I feel like I should take it, so I'll see how the times line up.

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