Monday, December 29, 2008


So, I am officially here. After 24 hours of flying. 12 hour flights are not fun.

India is beautiful. And very different. Things you take for granted in the US you can't here. Like clean water, being able to flush paper down the toilet, and hot showers. Also, did I mention the chicken stands on the side of the road where you can go and pick out a live chicken for dinner? Talk about local meat! The food is great though...although I haven't been eating that much because I'm afraid I'm going to get the evil germ of death that apparently my whole family is home sick with right now.

We're living in a guest house that's actually pretty nice. There are suites that about 4 people share (2 bedrooms), with a common room and a bathroom. Our room also has a balcony, although the common room and balcony are both missing any furniture at all, making them not very useful. We're not staying here a few days we're moving to a brand new building for the rest of the semester. We'll see what that one's like.

We went on a tour of the campus last's huge! It took us more than an hour to walk around it. Granted, we went in a lot of the buildings...but still. It's much bigger than Oberlin. And the new guesthouse is even further they're giving us bikes so that we can get to class in under an hour. And they buy us clothes, and a phone...and everything you could possibly need.

It's almost breakfast time and I should let someone else use the computer, but I am officially here and alive, and all that good stuff.

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